Smith's Marketplace commissioned painting


I recently had the pleasure of completing a commissioned painting for Smith's Marketplace / Kroger in the Skye Canyon area of Las Vegas. It measures 14'x5'x2" and painted with acrylic on custom constructed wood panels. It is now on permanent display in the dining area. This was a challenge to paint, but I had lots of fun along the way!


New Print Series announcement!

New Print Series announcement!

Introducing a new signature Blue Floral series titled "The Vows". 

This new print collection illustrates the power of loyalty between two people when they join together for the rest of their lives. They were designed to beautify the home as well as reflect the magic of marriage. Collect as individual, pairs and even the whole series. Perfect for gifting as well as anniversaries.

A quick discussion with our next featured artist Brian Martinez

JW. Tell me about one of the pieces.

BM. One of my personal favorites is, Las Flores del Jardín EstánMuertas. Which translates to The Flowers in the Garden Are Dead. I was in my first semester at CSN coming home on the bus one afternoon, just slowly realizing everything that was part of my life in high school was slowly fading away. I was stressing over a long-term relationship, stressing over school, stressing about whether art is the route to take or not, and doubting myself at every corner. I remember feeling a numbness that overpowered my whole body, and this painting was my interpretation of that moment. The black was used to silhouette the portrait in order to represent that overpowering feeling. There is also brighter colors in the painting, only because I wanted to represent the beauty that is life. Sometimes we feel engulfed by our own life issues, and forget we even get this chance to live one. This idea had been in the back of my head for so long, and it was awesome getting to finally put paint down and make it come to life.


Upcoming show....

The Joseph Watson Collection presents the solo works of painter Brian Martinez in a show titled “20”. Preview night is August 31, 6-10pm and will be on display throughout the month of September.

The title of the show represents the age of the artist and the importance of the beginning of young adulthood. At this stage in life, the mind is activated into choosing a path to achieve monumental goals, self identity, and purpose. Join us for an evening of paintings by Brian Martinez and being part of the creative journey as it begins.

Artist Spotlight: Brian Martinez

JW: What medium did you use?

BM: The paintings are a bit of mixed media, mostly consisting of acrylics and oils. Most of the times I finish the backgrounds in acrylics just because they dry quicker, and finish off the portrait or whatever I’m painting in oils. I just recently started working with oils in this semester of school, and these painting are actually the first couple oil portraits I have done.

JW: What made you choose these color schemes?

BM: When I did the first portrait I had planned on doing it in Black & white, but mixing the Paynes gray ended up giving it a blue hue. So from there it gave me the idea of doing a couple monochromatic portraits with the complimentary color in the background somehow. On the first one I added a gold yellow background I liked, and just decided not to add orange to compliment the blue. With the rest I was able to add the compliment colors, and learn more and more as i went.

JW: Where does your inspiration come from?

BM: Most of my inspiration comes from random places, and I can never really pinpoint one specific point of inspiration, There are times that inspiration comes from friends who are highly ambitious, sometimes it comes from looking at a painting that just blows my mind, and other times I will listen to a song that pumps me up so much Ideas will just rush in my head. Aside from that I just love being engulfed in the creative process, it involves so much that I don’t think is represented in the final image.

JW: Who are the people in these paintings?

BM: One painting was really just me bored on a Friday afternoon putting together google search references to complete a composition in my head. After that one I realized I didn’t want to have to google search a bunch of random stuff. I decided to either take a picture or just ask a friend for a picture, but for the image to have an interesting composition. For the red monochromatic portrait, it was just a friend’s selfie that I thought was an interesting image. For the blue-green portrait I took I actually asked a friend for a favor to put together a Frida Kahlo like portrait. I think from now on I will definitely be putting together and photographing the compositions I have in mind.

JW: Are they for sell?

BM: Yes $150 each or take them all for $300. I will also be offering 5 commissioned portraits for the same price of $150.

JW: What size are they?

BM: All three are 9"12", and they are clay board.

JW: Are you planning to continue this series?

BM: Yes, more than anything these three are a sample of a show I have planned in a couple months. I wanted to test out how well I can execute the ideas I had in mind, and now that I have i feel confident with starting on the rest of the pieces I have planned out. Wait on it !