Dave Dave Joseph Watson Gallery

An interview with our featured artist Dave Dave

JW: Why do you create art?
DD: I create art to inspire others.

JW: Why the Lifted series?
DD: The Lifted series was inspired by a conscious desire to inspire others to be greater than themselves

JW: What is it like exhibiting at JWC?
DD: Exhibiting at JWC was amazing because of the level of professionalism and support I have received not only at my show but in years prior. I have known Joseph since 1997 since I went to Art Center. I am honored to have had the opportunity to show at JWC

JW: What is the response on your newly launched Lifted shirts?
DD: I have received a powerful response in regards to my new Lifted t-shirts. People don't know whether to wear them or frame them.

A painting by our next artist Dave Dave

A painting by our next artist Dave Dave

This piece is entitled conscious movements. At the top there is an eye separated by the eyeball, located at the immediate left. This disconnectedness represents the disconnect our minds become when paced with having to perceive concepts an ideas. This perception sometimes causes rifts between individuals. Even though the cornea is detached from the socket of the eye, the eye begins to glaze over all of the industrialization below it, and cries because although we have created so much, we have also destroyed so much more.